Late nights reminiscing about the good times, where things were great and the feelings were mutual. Now its like everything is going wrong and everything I do just sets us back even farther. Can’t sleep cause of this shit on my mind…

Everything I say I truely mean, I would never tell someone the stuff I have told you if I didn’t really mean it or if I had no intentions of going through with it. All the talk about the future was from the heart, so if we can’t get shit straight now and all is lost, then god help me.

My realization

I’m sitting here on my bed because my roomate woke my ass up,I cant go back to sleep so I’m sitting here scrolling instagram and the one picture I see is of a dude playing baseball. That shit made me realize how much I miss that sport and how much love I have for the game in general. I’ve dedicated so much time, blood, sweat, and tears and made so many life long friends through the game that I get upset everytime I see or read something about the game because of the fact that I’m not playing anymore. I need to get back into the game for my own sanity in one way or another because I have to much talent to be wasted. Whether it is coaching, playing or umpireing I’m going to get back on my shit cause watching games on T.V isnt cutting it. Whether I fail at what I pursue or I succeed, as long as I know I tried my best to get back in it then ill be happy because were I stand right now at giving up is bullshit…”Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”-Babe Ruth